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SAP® Business One and SAP BusinessObjects Integration

Over the last few years DSCallards has been working with SAP Business One partners and customers to provide relevant, pertinent and time saving data analysis using SAP BusinessObjects. From our vast experience, DSCallards now has the skills to speed up the deployment of dashboards, reporting and ad hoc analysis for any B1 customer.


Providing data in small, visual and manageable chunks, dashboards and KPIs deliver an immediate summary of an organisation’s business performance leading to quick and accurate decision making. Often aligned with an organisation’s strategic development plan, in highlighting areas of over and underperformance, visualisations help to ensure that effort is focused on areas that need it the most.

Asking Questions

Utilising the powerful SAP BusinessObjects ‘Universe’ layer allows non- IT staff to examine data, look for extraneous figures and understand what, why and how business performance is being affected. The Universe provokes questions as they arise, not questions that are predetermined and this leads to the flexibility to be able to modify behaviour based upon the results.

Bringing the Data Together

Taking SAP Business One information into a data warehouse can consolidate the data from multiple sources providing analysis of information that is relevant. More powerfully, other data sources, such as Salesforce or industry specific third-party applications, can be combined enhancing and enriching the information already contained within the SAP Business One system.

Tools for the User

Different users require different tools for providing the information they want and need. SAP BusinessObjects with functionality such as dashboards, reports, ad hoc analysis, mobile and cloud, enables all users from all disciplines and business areas to feel included and empowered.

Out of the Box

DSCallards best practice techniques and extensive experience acquired with working with B1 customers over the years has enabled us to develop a repository of templates and quick-start tools. To you, the customer, as well as working with an SAP Gold Partner and accredited SAP Partner Centre of Expertise specialist, ultimately means reduced implementation time and associated costs to your bottom line.

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